Friday, February 3, 2012

So It Begins

And all thanks to Joe Ledbetter's visit to Manila.

For fans of JLed's work, you may have heard that his Burger Bunny toy was launched in Secret Fresh. It was an unmitigated success. Sixteen units were set aside for customers of Secret Fresh and they sold out in minutes.

I had no delusions about purchasing Burger Bunny. At 12.5K, it was out of my price range and, even if I could afford it, I certainly was not going to muscle my way into getting one. Knowing that I had nothing of JLed's for him to sign, I grabbed my waterlogged copy of I Heart Plastic, and, with a shrug, headed to the venue.

This was my first time to a launch-cum-signing and, apparently, it's common practice for fans to bring blanks for the artist to draw on. So there I was with a 500-peso Rooz, waiting in line. Surrounded by toys, posters, keychains, furniture, whoozits and whatzits, I began to fantasize. I picked out a few Be@rbricks and imagined what they would look like perched in little glass display cases in my room. Something like a mixture of satisfaction and anticipation gurgled in my gut.

Two-and-a-half hours later, in the Japanese restaurant next door, I admired JLed's handiwork, pondering the experience, munching on chirashizushi.

By the gods, I am hooked.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Hangover

I'm recovering from the stress of the Philippine holiday season, which begins on the last day of classes to New Year's Eve. The line between party and social obligation blurs, and you're not even sure if you're having fun, or you just had too much to drink. For my sake, I'd say I experienced the former.

My friends and I almost never see each other, so on December, we hold a Christmas party where everyone is required to attend. (I'm not kidding about the required part. Once you start attending our Christmas parties, you're not allowed to miss any of the succeeding ones. It's an unspoken rule. Break it and you'll incur the wrath of Kali.)

Here I am with my beloved glass of wine.
My friend's maids converted the living room into a dance floor, complete with lights.

Next on the docket was a fundraiser for the victims of Typhoon Sendong. My friend Nath graciously agreed to be my date for the night. For about three hours, our ears were assaulted by kerrangs and badumps, and we left the venue bleary-eyed and rocked-out.

A snapshot of our table. We used the notebook to communicate with each other, because it was impossible to hear over the music.
Some shots from Nikko Pascua's acoustic set (he's the guy playing the guitar).
Later that week, I went to a birthday/holiday party.

My adorable baby cousin, Lupe, posed for this picture all on her own.
Such a tiring two weeks, but it was all worth it!

Sam says, "Have a great 2012!"

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hey, my first Star Wars-related post!

A few weeks ago, my Dad went to a warehouse sale and found a 20-peso (that's less than 50 cents, Americans) copy of Return of the Jedi. The comic is so-so, but there is a special feature on production art included in the issue.

Here, we have an early (or what I assume as an early) sketch of C-3PO. The most distinct difference from the version that we all know and love is the face. Notice the very human proportions, and the absence of bug eyes and that small pouty mouth.

Chewbacca almost looks Asian, doesn't he? Reminds me of my grand-uncle (god rest his soul).

I hate Jabba. He isn't pleasing to look at, nor is he badass. He's a slug, for crying out loud. I'd crush him with an AT-AT, if I could.

Look at that. Can you imagine life had this design made it to the movie?