Friday, February 3, 2012

So It Begins

And all thanks to Joe Ledbetter's visit to Manila.

For fans of JLed's work, you may have heard that his Burger Bunny toy was launched in Secret Fresh. It was an unmitigated success. Sixteen units were set aside for customers of Secret Fresh and they sold out in minutes.

I had no delusions about purchasing Burger Bunny. At 12.5K, it was out of my price range and, even if I could afford it, I certainly was not going to muscle my way into getting one. Knowing that I had nothing of JLed's for him to sign, I grabbed my waterlogged copy of I Heart Plastic, and, with a shrug, headed to the venue.

This was my first time to a launch-cum-signing and, apparently, it's common practice for fans to bring blanks for the artist to draw on. So there I was with a 500-peso Rooz, waiting in line. Surrounded by toys, posters, keychains, furniture, whoozits and whatzits, I began to fantasize. I picked out a few Be@rbricks and imagined what they would look like perched in little glass display cases in my room. Something like a mixture of satisfaction and anticipation gurgled in my gut.

Two-and-a-half hours later, in the Japanese restaurant next door, I admired JLed's handiwork, pondering the experience, munching on chirashizushi.

By the gods, I am hooked.


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